Intro to Gitlab's CI/CD
Service for Developers

Learn all about Gitlab's Continuous Integration & Delivery/Deployment service with this 5 part video course!

Topics covered:

Overview of Gitlab CI/CDUnderstanding Stages during a buildCreating your first CI/CD scriptPublishing and downloading ArtifactsDeploying your application with GitlabBONUS: Hosting your own Docker image on Gitlab's Registry service

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Owen Conti

Instructed by Owen Conti.

Owen has over 8 years of professional experiencing working in the web development industry.

He's spent the last year and half working with Gitlab's services, including building new Docker images, configuring Gitlab CI scripts, and using Gitlab's project management tools to manage the projects he works on.

© Copyright Owen Conti

Created, produced, and instructed by Owen Conti.

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